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Two worlds collide by the paint brushes that turn a blank canvas into an all-encompassing journey of a love that may abound.


When Mega Dakar lost the love of his life, he started seeing things through a different lens. So much so that painting no longer was his peace. While wrapped up in a job gone wrong, Mega discovers the unparalleled perfection of a new friend, Ms. Mona Lisa Sutton. 


For Mona Lisa Sutton, the owner of the Picturesque Art Gallery in Hackensack, NJ, life wasn’t always a fairytale. Between her mother leaving her for dead and her father’s scandalous ways, she had to fight for her black girl magic both physically and mentally. Who would have thought as she finds herself, she also finds solace in a world of chaos? 


Together, Mega and Mona Lisa experience the creation of a portrait… hand painted by life’s unexpected pop-up shops of the past, the present, and the possible future. Will their love for art frame and protect such a masterpiece, or will the blank canvas display despair and detriment?

Blank Canvas of You by Lamartz Brown


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