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Meet Our Authors


Since childhood, Ericka has always been a force of nature. Ericka has always been creative and a lover of the Arts. After graduating from Rutgers University in New Jersey with a degree in Communications, Ericka immediately began going after her dreams and passions in life and continues to reinvent herself today. Ericka’s first career after college was teaching, while beginning to write her first novel. She taught language arts which includes reading, writing, public speaking, video critiquing, along with drama and script writing. She also used her knowledge of communications to help her students with conflct resolution, how to effectively interact with others, and to positively express themselves. To this day, Ericka continues to mentor and guide her former students, as well as others, through life. During her years of being an educator, Ericka began to publish a series of novels, including her first title, "All That Glitters, in 2007, which addresses some of the most severe social issues like drug addiction, relationship abuse, family dysfunction, AIDS, lack of confidence and the results of having a lack of self-esteem. Ericka’s second novel came out just 2 years later in 2009 and was called "A Woman Scorned." She then released "A Woman Scorned 2 - Family Ties" in 2010, "The Robbin Hoods" and “A Woman Scorned 3-Déjà vu” by 2012. The release of this latest novel, “Nothing Matters” will be her first book release in ten years. All of Ericka's books were written with one purpose only – to help people in need and to impact as many lives as possible, worldwide. Ericka also plans to produce and turn her books into film and television series and has given herself the experience of producing indendent films on Youtube to prepare for her break into the film and television industries; to reach even more people with the goal of proving her motto that, “there is nothing to it, but to do it”. Ericka believes that there is no obstacle too big to conquer if you put your mind and body to work to accomplish your achievements. Ericka is a doer, a giver, and a great example of how determinaton can turn into success when you believe in yourself and decide to let nothing stop you from completing your endeavors. Beyond writing and teaching others, Ericka's main priority is her family and closest friends, who support her along the way. They have been there through her novels, radio shows, internet talk shows, entertainment events, and film productions."There is nothing more important to me than my family "– says Ericka. And truly, all the things she is doing would be worthless if she didn't have her closest people around. Beyond public speaking, teaching, and producing creative work for her fans and people around the world, Ericka plans to leave a legacy and a mark that will never be able to be deleted or erased. Long after Ericka Monique Williams is gone to be in the presence of God, and her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ her many productions will remain. She hopes you will enjoy her amazing work and use it as a guide to make your life better!


Public Speaker, Producer, Mentor, Writer, Social Giver, Filmmaker and Humanitarian

Ericka Williams

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