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About Us

Since our platform launch in 2015, we’ve been diligent in our vision to see a world where black businesses, creatives, and entrepreneurs are heavily promoted and showcased. To mainstream that goal, we’ve curated an entertainment company to support black-owned businesses from all over the country. Our priority is to elevate the presence and positioning of media while representing fantastic innovations of plays, documentaries, scripted series, and more. We created this site to focus on support, education, and growth to continue circulating the black dollar back into the community and providing adequate solutions for creatives to launch their projects.

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Life Lyrics Entertainment Submark.png

Life Lyrics Entertainment explores the concept of storytelling by producing pieces that derive from all of life’s unexpected experiences. Sharing these stories resonates with our audience and reminds us all that each chapter can be a lesson to share no matter the outcome. There is nothing more important in the entertainment industry than to shed light on real experiences that can help transform the lives of anyone listening. This platform aims to do just that on a level with no limits.

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