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Blank Canvas of You Character Interview

Character Interview

1. What can we expect from you?

Mona: You can expect to follow me on my journey to finding myself. Doing things, I

never thought were possible. I reclaimed the sparkle that I knew for sure was out. It just

so happened that a certain somebody started to see the shine before I did.

Mega: You can tell a rare diamond when you see one. As an artist you can see deeper

past what’s on the outside. What can you expect? Expect, the fact that expectations

create limitations for a clouded mind. People said everything happened for a reason; I’d

say I was the reason everything happened.

2. What’s your greatest quality?

Mona: I’m forgiving, and I genuinely want to see people do what they love because I

couldn’t until now.

Mega: I’m a Gangsta and A Gentleman

3. What is it like to be loved by you?

Mona: I wouldn’t know, honestly. For a long time, I thought that my love pushed my

mother away. And don’t get me started on my high school boyfriend. I never understood

love, so how could I love someone else?

Mega: Love killed my fiancé, so it’s hard to know what it would be like to be loved by

me. I would tell you to ask her but… yea, that’s not possible.

4. List 5 facts about yourself


1. My mother left when I was 5, forcing me to understand the meaning of

abandonment at an early age.

2. Lover of Food with a lot of conviction

3. Art is Life, and Life is Art

4. Got one of the baddies in the game as a best friend, Gina Thompson. You better

know her name.

5. Truth hurts and so does broken promises

5. What’s the vibe for your story?

Sweet Life - Frank Ocean

Mona: You ever had the need to just let go and enjoy life; after experiencing some of

the hardest challenges life through your way? That’s where I’m at, it’s my turn to do

whatever feels good on a mountain high. Mr. Mega Dakar is making it that much


Mega: The Sweet Life is not what you envisioned is what you make it.

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